Elastic Light

Elastic Light is a series of simple interactive puzzles in which people interact with beams of light in the air, each of these puzzles is comprised of simple straight lines that are rotated, stretched or warped in order to complete a specific behaviour. The lines themselves are comprised of beams of light that are completly non phsyical and created from the illumination of particels in the air, yet create a three dimenisonal almost solid object. As well as being a playful installation this piece asks several questions about human computer interaction and the current state of gesture based interfaces which are rapidly being part of our everyday lives as we move further away from screen based interfaces. On a more conceptual level this project provides an experiementation into the use of light as an interface and more specifically extending the idea of gesture based interaction. Using smoke and light this installation creates apparently solid forms of light which can be interacted with, providing some kind of direct visual and almost tactile feedback to the user, something which is lacking from current gesture based systems.

This project was exhibited at the iNTERFACES Concurso de Arte Interativa, Porto, Portugal and received an honourable mention prize.