Smoke and Mirrors

This installation is a work being developed by Jayson Haebich as part of his residency at the Institut für alles mögliche in Berlin during February, March and April and is a further development of his previous work using smoke and light to create volumetric effects.

This light sculpture uses smoke, mirrors and lasers to create planes of light that fill the room with colour and texture and confuse the sense of depth, proportion and space within the room. The interplay of light, shadow and reflection from multiple mirrors has the effect of obfuscating the sources of light within the installation and gives room an added sense of depth and space. Confusing the viewer as to the size of the room and how the installation itself is constructed.

The beams of light themselves have an almost physical texture to them as they cut through and illuminate the smoke and particles floating in the air which gentle swirl and move around the room as if floating in liquid. This effect in a way represents the physical nature of light, in that it is a particle which has similar properties of matter that makes up the physical world.

Materials: smoke, mirrors, laser, projector, custom built laser mapping software built with openframeworks.

You can see this work on the 28th-30th of April at the Institut Für Alles Mögliche, Schererstr 9, 13347 Berlin from 19.00-22.00 each night.