The interaction between light and movement

According to the laws of physics light exists as both a wave and a particle, an electromagnetic wave of energy and as an elementary particle called a photon which interacts with physical world around it. This photon particle obeys many of the same laws of physics such as gravity and magnetism that effect other forms of physical matter. This leads to the possibility that light can be interacted with and can be used to create objects that have a tactile and physical presence.

This installation represents this physical nature of light by allowing people to interact and touch beams of light, showing light not as a passive force that we take for granted everyday but as something which interacts with the world around it. These beams of light are projected from a laser and respond to touch and movement, allowing people the possibility to interact with light in a way that is normally not possible.

This work was exhibited at Spekrum Berlin during August 2015 www.

This project uses custom built laser software, created by the artist with Openframeworks